Cones of Dunshire
[Verse 1: Mikey the Magician]
Creepin' up out the Southside, f**k with us and meet the nine
Bustin' out these hollow tips, we just building lifelines
Boy, don't try to cut me up, you ain't finna shut me up
Sprayin' out the Mini coupe, call them up then pop the trunk
B*t*h you ain't no robber, the robber wear the mask, ho
Watch me hit them Jim Carrey fools with a backstroke
Watch me grab the nine, b*t*h, then it's finna blast, hoe
Actin' like a b*t*h now, don't let the hammer bang, bro
F**kin' with the Mystic Mac who never feel resistance
They wasn't messin' with me when young Mikey was a misfit
Now I'm 'bout my business, I just bought a Benz truck
B*t*h, I've been behind it all before Lil Pou was gettin' buck

[Verse 2: Shakewell]
I speak for the people like a motherf**kin' prophet
Now they call me Moses, but I'm stealin', more like Robin
Coughin' from the sweet laced with the flakka, God, I
Break a b*t*h down like some rock, yeah
A b*t*h is still a b*t*h and a ho is still a ho
And I'm a young savage, so of course, I love 'em both
Posted in Miami with a kilo, come in boats
I got compas out in Cali who still whip syrup, coke
And they still gon' say it don't snow on the West, like
You done forgot Mexico be the plug, right?
Down the south border, call my brother, get the order right
Finna cross the water, lose the pack and that's your f**kin' life
And if you got half of it, I'll cover the rest
But when it comes for re-up, I need double my percent
Trappin' be a living and a lifestyle, so I flex
'Cause if they call your bluff, boy, then they choppin' off your neck