Demons in my head just like a muthaf**kin veteran
Psychopathic lunatic come exercise this evil shyt
F**kin wit the ghost smoke yo bones to dust ya f**kin b*t*h
Ridin wit my ana master plans all up in my f**kin head
Psychopathic lunatic come thru wit wit this ma** attack
I know I won't tell il go to hell slippin into the cracks
Sittin in the back of black Laugh-In at the past, askin fo yo information playa hataz can’t f**k wit that
Maskin up my scull dawg yall gonna fall when I mother f**kin stab
Blastin down the halls i smack yo jaw then I watch yaall f**kin land
Bad man f**kin comin for yo a** so laugh at that, pa** the cash baaack to front so I can f**k wit that
Gimme paper baby see ya later lady ya f**kin wack, all damn f**kin day I think the crazy thangs and act
Mask up with my serial killa grin and hit the sac, devil boy joint smokin menace with devils laugh