67 - Milly Rock Remix Offcial Lyrics
Asap: F**kin...drillers...trappers
Dimzy: Jumpout gang
Asap: Ching Mandown on the Mains…. Maud
Mischief: Gang sh*t, 67 out 'ere..Jumpout gang..C-Rose..free my n***as innit
LD: Aight Aight Aight
Mischief: Free the guys, free Slows..free Trap
LD: Free f**kin drillers, Uhh?
Mischief: Free Bonez..free Skeng
LD: F**k you feel like?, Man drill man normal
Mischief: Sh*t den

[Verse 1: R6]
In the trap house with Steve, when I’m cutting that raw with the light
Put that all into notes got deals like 3 for 25
Runnin through the field with the rocks
Dasheen, I was runnin for my life
Bummy n***as talkin 'bout bricks to the opps man trappin ain't
They're just rich on Insta, do it for the girls and the likes
Free 6 f**k the pigs was made for an it, free the guys
You ain't came to no block, with no mad ting, leavin his friend on
The drive
Manna came to your block on a gang ting, saw 3 then he saw 9
Opps dem feel so paro so paro, when I turn up in mine
Box me in the face with a Rambo
Call me an opp I would’ve ching man's eye
Said he stuffed 2 in the b*t*h
But they wanted to pop one so he couldn't even if he tried
Run up on a young boy
2 different guys try run off trip up and slide
Things and stuff on our hip
That's a pole tryna do man dirty on the ride
If your free never knock that door sh*t
Then don't think that you would’ve seen life
Things and stuff on our hip
That's a pole tryna do man dirty on the ride
If your free never knock that door sh*t
Then don't think that you woulda seen life
[Verse 2: ASAP]
I'm in the T house and I'm countin thousands
I'm gettin money, you ain't doe, you just rappin 'bout it
Whip whip got the water runnin like a water fountain
My n***a Smoski, he’s cuttin shapes when he's baggin ounces
I’ll cheff man down and smoke weed and laugh about it
67 we some savage n***as, no way around it
Poled up, lookin for the opps and we f**kin found them
They were dashin home like they left suttin on the stove
'016, new year someone's got a go
Let's lurk with the 4s out, long nose with chunky stones
Ra** a n***a like ammi' smoke
Peng ting wanna do the gang, put my d**k straight down her

[Verse 3: Dimzy]
PCD on the backroad, same way do it on a high street
.44 spins in the car but J had the .45 spins in the taxi
Jumpout gang, skrr bang ,drivers whippin it manually
Bare f**kboys on the net wanna talk this talk
I'll grab it gradually
Whip out the 4-seat bare man dash
Trip up, and drop all 4s
Just put 4s and stones in my hands them tired
Bare cling on the floor
Still do 6, four-fifths, and 34 score
4-door German, 4 man glidin
In there there's 2 .44’s
What's all the banter, mans still slidin
Hammers and dingers galore
Free Doggy, free Bonez, free K, free Slows
They're like how do you rap like that?
On a motes with bro smokin dope
Like how do you trap like that?
This music tings kinda poppin
Like how'd you get the fans like that?
I put food on scales put stones in cling
I get bands like that
I'm like free all the guys
Man bring em all back, bring em all back
Bro with the 4 doing drills
Like how'd you make it crash like that?
You don't wanna get hit with this corn
You don't want it to be like that
More than 20 man in the can
But they gon be right back
But they gon be right back
[Verse 4: LD]
My n***as f**k up the opps
My long D f**k up the thot
Just got work from the plug
Now watch me f**k up the this bot
Bros got T that's raw and I just got stones for the 4s
Opps still doing diss tracks
Front face man, go check your scores
Whip that skeng out again
I slap someone for my friend and I swear I will do it again
Wiggy went jail for a murder, I swear I ain't seen him again
He's gonna come home one day
And I swear Imma throw him a 10
Look, you're not realer than gang
Skeng's in a Transit van
You shouldn't even question the sh*t
He either got smoked or he ran
Take risk and prosper, everyday mannaman trap
He was talkin smack 'til my guy blew out his back

[Verse 5: Mischief]
First off let me say f**k feds
My life's at risk, so I step with skengs
They took 5 bands and like 28 Z’s
But I still push food and my stack looks 'mmense
What you know about drill’s in the trap?
Them man gettin hashtag burst
Them man gettin hashtag whacked
They ain't smokin none
Bro don't make those straps
A bro MA with the squorch really tryna blow that back
Do a drill then bake
Shoot clips like a movie I could only get one take
Lil T whip grub, I mix that bosh with flake
Ring trap from the a.m., hot-line bling like Drake

[Verse 6: KTrap]
I can't really trust these soldiers
There's too many snakes and I’m to real for this
They say they bang on you n***as won't draw for sh*t
You bang grab and fill the clips
I make bands but I'm tryna make a meal from it
Put the microwave on there's no meal in it
Use a bowl of flake with no milk in it
I put work all they gave us, they start tilted it
The n***as talk 'bout trap cos they hit one Z sell
My stacks large but it could be way better, this year I’m aimin for
Might buy kettle after my next sale, send off 100 XL
Or a new pump action 6 shot
With some burgundy green and red bell’s
I can't stand that fed smell
Them man work one three 2s, but the shorty come XL
I bring the dot’s on any block, I Milly Rock and I scrape that pot

[Verse 7: Monkey]
Hilly block, grip the mash, lurk to your block
Manna cowboy, grip the 4s I'm tryna take his top
Whip whip bro scrape the pot
Make money need all the gwop
10 toe on any block, free the whole gang man f**k a cop
Anywhere, anyone
Dum dums hit everyone
[Outro: Monkey]
Let's lurk b*t*h, .44s and sh*t..Alla that, alla that