R6 x G.Y x Fumez the Engineer - Plugged In
[Intro: R6]
Well you know, a lot of people ask us "How is C DOT funded and where do you get your money from?"
The simple answer–
Plugged In, Fumez The Engineer
R6, G.Y, free my drillers
Free my members
S.A.D, n***as know

[Verse 1: R6]
Put him in a spliff, burn (Bill it, bill it)
Reckless got shot
Fling me the lighter, kill confirmed (Fling it)
I don't like guys in the A
They drill when the cameras turn (Turned)
Don't party at Brix', we got down Stompz, caution (Caution)
Somebody needs to get that ocean, uh, uh
Walkin' around like Mike from Monsters Inc, uh, uh
Bro used to keep three waps in his house (Stupid)
He does not think
It was me that had that spinnеr
And I got that yute, I shot at him
New plate car, wе don't need no car key
I just put Gorz in a Rizla never again, that loud is dead (Yuck)
I was in cell 22, no picture
But I did shoot that head
We talk drill, they talk drill
They take ours down, they're f**kin' with feds
Or maybe they know who's real
Truth is they know who's bled
PR done try samurai sword his head
It was like 17 times when the mandem got down Rexx
A leg shot, I don't cla** as works
Neither does he, don't talk on Stef (Don't talk on Steff)
Cheffed and pierced his chest
The pussio lost his breath
Late night S.A.D, me, PR, and Death
Free GI, free my set
I can't run when I see the Met
But I still run if I got that, yeah
Tape off gang
Free GI, free my set
I can't run when I see the Met
But I still run if I got that, yeah
Tape off gang

[Verse 2: G.Y]
Growing up, was a good kid
Started f**king with killers, it's a crazy adaptation
Still p*ssed that the ting did jam
Would've slapped through his brain and bored up a fraction
Three in a day, that's light
We should've got 5 of them brothers, no Jackson
If it's more then it's fine by me
The 'chine comes out, the clip is attachin'
Me I don't step naked
You already know me, I got a fatal attraction
Fell love with the rusty wap
The first time I grabbed one, I put it in action
They still throwin' K on the gang
My n***a's in jail, is the only subtraction
They really can't stay the same
'Cause R.I.P is that I'm seeing in caption
The ting did pop, the 4 did chop
Kinda looked like his hamstring ripped
Me I be pushin' weights
I be gainin' pounds, I ain't tryna get fit
Snap, crackle, or pop
That's all I hear when that fling gets lit
The dirt be light with freckles
Reason why it's called chocolate chips
Got selection of skengs all over the ends
When we go gotta take a pic
One hand on the handle bar
One hand in the air, tryna make man kip
My S.A.D's been silent
There ain't no way that we're sinkin' ships (No)
But our feds always coming with intels
How did they get that anonymous tip?
[Verse 3: R6]
They ain't gonna take that risk
Get back what? Who they fooling?
Me and bro cheffed up Dayz
Try get away, but the car was stalling (Stalling)
Kloose got done like twice by the same guy
Now, that is appalling
What you know 'bout 3 hour glides?
I just see an opp, ay DoRoad, corn him
We ain't tryna make this warfare
Just like TD, you ain't respawning
What you know about getting a drop
Execution 5 got ****
He tripped, so I pierced his tongue
PR cheffed my man's lungs
Horrible, you could see his guts (Yuck)

[Verse 4: G.Y]
Look, it's nuttin' like golf, but all of my bros
They done got a hole in one (One)
Can't step with me and my SADs
If you ain't spilled no blood (No)
My bro got a horrid 1, and he turned them digger
When he M'd that skum
Corn got slapped at his face
And straight in the drain, the case got flung
J did claim he was a sav
But the 4 did scream when my blade got swung
That blade belong to bro, but I got first blood
Now, I own that one
Pull on 2's, me on his asthma punk
We seen enough, four did run
It was broad day, live on the mains
Where most of my words got done (Facts)
Fumez The Engineer