K Trap

"Daily Duppy | GRM Daily"

I came in the game broke I swear I’ll end it well
Only take temporarily L’s
They get turned to wins quick cah I can’t stand a loss just offed me two bricks that’s 10 grand in prof
Half a brick in cling just gimme the press I’ll make it twin
And if you don’t know trap just give me a sec and take me in
And if you don’t know he stupid, them man don’t know what the truth is me I couldn’t care less I just get that bag and keep it moving
Cruising fast lane and I’m moving out
If they say I hide they lie they don’t come they change their route
I’m in and out of south, uptown when I get my drip, these yeezy boosts like getting flake in drought they ain’t about
Exclusive where u wouldn’t dare
Wen us man sat round the table talking squares u wasn’t there
My b*t*h a plain jane but she looks a 10 flipping leng
I drip so I drip her too I put her in sh*t she wouldn’t wear
Cah I’m that type of G they ain’t getting these type of sheets
When I’m playing I kick it and chill in the forgein recliner seats
Harrods a quid in each, Louis Vuitton reciepts, Chanel givenchy Paris, I got a drippy habbit
Came in the game cooker full yola bubbling over
Made this yola bubble with soda
I can call myself a boss cah I fed them yutes when man just watch
And I see why them man watch, watch and chains it’s a lot
Watch and chain coulda bought me a box and had a chain, different cloth I made my lane I bossed up they stayed the same
Talking change my pen don’t sweat I spent a cheque don’t need no flash that’s a fact honeycomb there ain’t no gap
Other side there ain’t no waps
Talking trap there ain’t no cat
Talking packs I f**king fly em
Talking crud there’s someone drying

So young but so connected and I should get a sponsor all these Pyrex bowls I mention

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