Go Yayo
You Ain’t Got No Guap
Shoutout to my n***as on the block
Broke n***a you ain't got no guap (x2)
Broke a** n***a you need to stop
I'm swerving Lamborghini's off the lot
Robbin Jeans filled with all the guap
Broke boi you ain't get no guap
Broke boi you ain't get no guap

Broke boi you ain't got no guap
I done f**ked your b*t*h she a thot
I just took a trip with your girlfriend
She done suck my d**k in a new benz
She done f**k me and told all her friends
She done bragged about me say that n***a rich
I'm riding round town a young n***a rich
A n***a talk sh*t I empty the clip
I'm King Soulja you know that I'm rich
I been getting cash everyday boi
You ain't getting no money you a broke boi
I'm S.O.D gang and you know that sh*t
I'm hanging with them killers and they killin sh*t
Pull up in a brand new whip
30 clips it on my hip
50 thousand dollars for the S.O.D chain
B*t*h I'm getting money in that fire flame


(verse- Go Yayo)
Broke a** n***a he ain't really get no money
Pu**y rapper they just funny
I'm laughing at n***as its funny
I remember used to serve at the store
And even back then you was bummy
Beef came you was running
I was going rambo I was gunning
My young n***as come get you for (?)
My life a movie should be on a TV
(?) walk in my (?)
I f**k with kardashian, I feel like I'm yeezy
(?) money fast I feel like I'm meechy
I take them bricks and I move em out
Come up on yo block with them thookas out
Pu**y talkin', pu**y n***a let's shoot it out
Why the f**k is you booming? I don't understand you
(?) let n***as ..?
(?) hit the dope and he say thats (?)
I really know that these n***as can't stand me
Alla that money for ransom
Baby wanna f**k say I'm handsome
N***a ain't got no work he a scammer
Pop in lil (?) I'll blam ya