Go Yayo
HoodFame Renegade
[Verse 1: Go Yayo]
Early in the morning, Wake up, I'm trapping
Ain't got no time for no relationship
Ran up a check now I'm having sh*t
Work dissapear like a magic trick
I hit yo b*t*h with the dope d**k
80 hot gang hit yo b*t*h with the glow stick
Can't stop, won't stop
New Death Row sh*t
Young n***a pop up with the chopper
And he mow sh*t
HoodFame, Gang Gang
Straight drop, Cocaine
40 go boom but the chopper go Bang Bang
Heard ya young n***a got smoked
Left him in the rain
Playing with the gang, n***a
You could get the same thing
Young OG play no games
Boss mane called a shot
Get you knocked for a whole thang
OG gas, 93, octane, propane
Pints of the red
Cracking pints no champagne
Ain't heard of these n***as
I murder these n***as
I pop up with choppers
I murder these n***as
These n***as is rats
I ain't serving these n***as
The plug will never give a bird to these n***as
I did it by myself ain't learnt from these n***as
I wasn't serving on the curve with these n***as
I was in Lil Vegas robbing for paper
Give a f**k bout haters
I'm trying get figures
I'm trying get millions on millions
Alla' these rappers my children
I started a way now they stealing
I created a lane now I peel it
Murder rate in my city thru the roof
And they say I'm the reason they killing
F**k the goat, I'm the wolf, I'm a villian
Still in the streets
Know the gang still the realest

[Verse 2: Rico Recklezz]
I pop out like a pop tart out a toaster
I'm a OG with a double G gun holster
That's a mother f**king gucci belt
N***a run up on me might as well go n' shoot hisself HA!
And I'm sharp like a seat belt
Put the pistol to your head, that's a patty meal
Recklezz Renegade need some shooters I'm a grant your help
N***as scared cause they pulled up like a (?)
Ughh! On the block like a stop sign
Pistol got the t**ties double drum on the glocc 9
N***a got killed but that n***a wasn't one of mine
N***as sweet as f**k bullet kiss him like its valentine
Where I had the (?) you'd think I was (?)
Aiming for his head cause the bullets gone read his mind
Knock a chunk out his sh*t call that sh*t a piece of mind
Think I was a (?) boy where a n***a keep the iron
You probably hang with some of them
Cause all you n***as lying
Say you scared of heights
But a duck when these bullets flying
Think you so tough throw up another gang sign
Send you to the air like your a** got hang time
Disloyal a** n***a looking like he wanna change sides
Have my shorties rob him
Now he salty like Mcdonald's fries
How you suppose to be a gangster
You can't look me in the eye
When momma had me in the grave
Ya'll thought I was born to die
Hit his a** with a couple shots
That's more than 5
In Chiraq n***a, I'm a legend, I'm immortalize
And shorties doing drills back to back
They like to terrorize
Stand Over Gang
Face shot just to emphasize
Pop out with the mini chopper that's party size
Bullets wet em up send em to God, He got baptized
(?) chopper harmonize
Pills got me rollin' like a wheel chair
But I ain't paralyzed
B*t*h I'm walking with the Big Mac
And the shells super sized
Thinking I'm a chase a b*t*h
Hell no! I'm super cow
Internet talking sh*t
In real life was super quiet
HoodFame Recklezz Renegade
We gone start a riot