Go Yayo
Gang Styleeee
Ayy, ayy, ayy
HoodFame, gang, gang, gang, gang
Power up, power up, power up
Power up, power up
N***as know how I'm comin', man
Free Number 7
Free the gang
Beldon did that
I'm in the studio with a thooka right now, ayy

VVS hang on my stomach
Thooka on me 'cause I know it won't let me down
A silencer on it, when I shoot, it don't make a sound
Come to Lil Vegas, I bet he won't make it out, ayy
Draped designer head to toe
When I walk through the door
All these b*t*hes wan' wipe me down
They ain't like when I broke, but they like me now
N***as hatin', but his b*t*h wan' me pipe her down
N***a see me, better shoot, ain't no talkin' out
AR-15 make a f**k n***a walk it out, ayy
I'm the young n***a they talk about
What you gon' do when them thookas start sparkin' up?
N***as always screamin' Hoodrich
But they broke than a b*t*h and they ain't got no money
They hollerin' pop up but they know how we comin'
Catch 'em in traffic, these n***as be runnin'
We catch 'em out lackin', you know that we dumpin'
Keep a thooka, that's the number one rule (Number one)
Keep a shooter, yeah my numbers a fool
Free Number 7, you know he gon' shoot
T-Slick just came home, my big brother a demon, tock out with the tool
You lookin' for me then I'm lookin' for you
These the same n***as I was whoopin' in school
Ayy, young n***a bossed up, they can't stand me now
Got a couple hundred bullets, I'ma hand 'em out, ayy
I was trappin' back then, I was trappin' now
Still hittin' licks while I'm rappin' now (Cutthroat)
He ain't 'bout that sh*t, he just talkin' loud
Hood Fame, stretch gang, we the slaughterhouse
N***a play, send shots to his mama's house
Young n***a got more syrup than a Waffle House
Ten thousand grand Rollie, watch bust down
I ain't never had sh*t, young n***a got bucks now (Rich)
You cuffin' on that b*t*h, she a hand-me-down
Dropped out of school, now I'm rich, f**k a cap and gown
Pu**y rapper, yeah I know you a sucker
Same n***a used to get fresh from my brother (You was broke)
These n***as can't hang with the gang
Put him in the game, he was lame so we cut him
Then my partner went and flushed him
Got him for everything, why the f**k would you trust him? (Why?)
You know he a robber, you know he a mobber
Hit him right at the store, b*t*h, don't come to the gutter (Lil Vegas)
HoodFame Yayo, n***a straight drop (Drop)
I'm the hottest n***a jumpin' out the crack pot (Me, b*t*h)
Talking on Facebook, boy, you must be 12 (Huh?)
Fresh out of jail and I'm givin' 'em hell
Straight out the cell and I'm back on my scale
You n***as know the rest, I know you done heard the song (Trap)
I'm a street n***a, me and rappers don't get along
Carbon 15 by my side, I ain't come alone
King of my city, my young n***as spinnin'
Send 32 shots at your chest, call you Karl Malone
All of that f**k sh*t, yeah, you know that's what I be on
Count up a check and sip Tech out a styrofoam
That sh*t that you talkin', I done it
Play with this sh*t, it get ugly
F**k the fighting, we ain't sluggin'
B*t*h, I'm in the field like it's rugby
Come and get you and I pop at your buddy (Ayy)
Check out my chain, that b*t*h flooded, ayy
You n***as ballin' on budget (You broke)
Sippin' OG and it's muddy (OG)
My cup is red like it's bloody (Blood)
I don't want your b*t*h, I just f**k her than I creep out
Gotta watch my moves 'cause the laws tryna peep out (F**k 12)
Good dope rolled, junkies can't keep out
Boy, your diamonds don't glow, lil' bro, you went the cheap route
Try to put a lease on your ho, I made her sleep in
Your b*t*h chose me, I'm the one to bring the freak out (Freak)
Make a diss song, get popped if you leak out
I'm HoodFame gang, n***as know what we 'bout (HoodFame gang)
Gotta be sh*ttin' me (Gotta be)
Go Yayo a pu**y? Lil' n***a, must be kiddin' me (Huh?)
Claimin' y'all whoopin' me (What?)
Touch Lil Yayo, b*t*h, I'm catchin' a first degree (Murder)
I'm talkin' 'bout literally (For real)
Pop up on 'em, light 'em up like a Christmas tree
Big ole thooka put him out of his misery
Ask me who did it, don't know, it's a mystery (Don't know)
HoodFame gang
Yeah you know what the f**k goin' on, b*t*h a** n***a
When I catch you, I'ma get up with you, b*t*h a** n***a
Gang, wop