Go Yayo
Power Up Pt. 4
[?] skrt skrt
Good dope
Fu*k you
Did they? Did they?
[?] them
Did they?
Go Yah yah
Go to hell bit*h
Say good [?]
King of the street
Fun you can’t let go (gang)
Oh gang I know, I know (oh)

[Verse 1]
Little so soaked fight like so [?]
Who find take your bit*h me work
I like dope bit*h swallow a d**k
I know I had the bone my ey (ey)
Bit*h I’m falling jungle light to moan the poem (rr)
With same years on my stupid choose the rugged poem
(ey) [?] meant my feet you know that I’m at soon ( don’t know)
I’m tourist to you , you should’ve made me so wrong (ah ah ah)
Moved out to Oklahoma ballin’ like a sauna (yah yah)
Reck saw me, step saw me , he call me got they get on me (ugh)
No let call me n***a pair we don’t clap the a** call me
I got way too many there homies
You run [?] me they love blowin’ bit*h
For the war shocking you reaching to hill
Kinda of a traffic got too many deal
Fu*k a hand of [?] hill
Ransom it look like I just got a deal
Fu*k the [?] I’ve tried that for real
Ain’t that kinda outfit I’m feeling the feel
[?] behind me bit*h of bus and steel
They pull and I got too many pills
Fu*k you ain’t got we ain’t doing no data
I’m not a [?] buffalo you can fight (no)
My young n***a darling I [?]
Fun n***a pay know that would done on my pain
Fun n***a petty you know goin’ that
Killers on the way you know if you want
Have I hate you with that five ey
[?] see if you fly
Beat yah yow
Uh pu**y knew
Hu h
Ha ha