Go Yayo
6 Pick
[Go Yayo]
Hit my line, where you at?
Pop up, come shop, b*t*h we got good dope, good

[Trapboy Freddy]
Serving the gas through the window
I don't give a f**k if you kinfolk

[G$ Lil Ronnie]
Ayy, ayy, gla** house, was tinfoil
Straight drop hit like ten-four

[LilCj Kasino]
Ayy, real trapper I'll serve my kinfolk
Turn a good girl to a nympho

[Sleezy Beezy]
Let's get it crackin', dope in the cabinet
I put that work in her panties

[Yella Beezy]
These n***as be actin', serving these addys
I put them M's in the cabinet

[Go Yayo]
Forty go boom like tempo
Everybody get hit, even your bimbo

[Trapboy Freddy]
Even your binfolk, I'm in the trap rollin' nickels
Break down a pack like a swisher
Counting this cash with your sister
She eat the d**k, I don't kiss her, ugh, ugh

[G$ Lil Ronnie]
She disappear I don't miss her
Sipping that lean like a liquor
These n***as square as a picture
OG gas in the jar like a pickle, get two for a nickel, ayy
[LilCj Kasino]
We still trapping hundred pack skittles
Stain a n***a for a figure

[Sleezy Beezy]
I give a f**k if they sign me
I'm on the block where it's grimy
Lookin' for me, you could find me

[Yella Beezy]
Where I'm at?
Up there, up there
Kush price set and it's stuck there

[Go Yayo]
OG bags, let 'em go for two for five
Ain't sh*t here sweet, I ain't letting sh*t slide
F**k n***as play with the gang better hide
My young n***a shoot like it's NBA Live

[Trapboy Freddy]
Kicking the pack like it's FIFA
We got the package of reefer
Go get a pack of some reefer
Oak Cliff n***a got it cheaper
Whipping the work, wife beater
[G$ Lil Ronnie]
Ayy, ayy, she know I'm f**kin' then leaving
So she suck on me like she leaching, ayy, ayy
El Chapo I'm a demon
F**k that b*t*h, then deleting, ayy ayy

[LilCj Kasino]
Young n***a hungry, they scheming
Woke up them folks, they was dreaming
We got good dope if you fiendin'
Whip up my dope to a Beamer

[Sleezy Beezy]
I beat the pack like it's Tina
Can't see me, John Cena
I got them spots like a cheetah

[Yella Beezy]
N***a I'm fly as a seagull
Kick it with my Cliffside people
That b*t*h be lying, you believe her

[Go Yayo]
Ayy you kissing that b*t*h and she swallowing semen
Young n***a came from the streets, I was scheming
All that rapping capping like he a demon
Catch him in person, these n***as ain't mean it

[Trapboy Freddy]
Huh, naw these n***as ain't mean it
Boy these n***as be schemin', huh, huh
Two hundred thou, I seen it
Three hundred thou, you dream it, huh, huh
All this money in the mattress
My necklace flooded in carats, huh, huh
I just be ducking these rabbits
Boy these lil n***as be actin'

[G$ Lil Ronnie]
Ayy, ayy, all of my n***as in love with them carats
I swear I be thuggin with rabbits, ayy
All of them gadgets up under the mattress
Them packs on top of the cabinet
Flight up be rollin' like Davin's
I'm all in the game like NFL Madden
Ain't never had dreams of rappin'
Just hit me a scheme and that's how it happened

[LilCj Kasino]
Ball in the D like the Mavericks
All my young demons they savages, pop up, let you have it
They know the gang with that static
They know we pop up with thookas, this sh*t gon' get tragic

[Sleezy Beezy]
Pop up with thookas, this sh*t'll get tragic
Retarded like boy with the maggots, ugh
Wrap up the dope like a package
F**k this rap I'm trappin', nosy a** neighbors keep naggin'
I'm with my dog like Shaggy, repping my hood, it's tatted
Big four-four, I'm saggin', got four bows in the cabinet
F**k more hoes then your daddy

[Yella Beezy]
Kicking this sh*t like Jet Li
Pa** my towel, you sweatin' me
No I'm not Keith but you sweating me
All on her knees, ho blessing me
Wet a n***a a** like Slitherbomb
Chopper sound like a damn intercom
N***a I ain't stop, f**k a pentagon
Gucci my bag, me and my son

[Go Yayo]
At the store with designer, I'm trappin' in Gucci (trap, Gucci, brr)
Just hit me a stain, got me dancing like Uzi
Do it look like I'm left off Bad & Boujee? (huh, what you say?)
Do it look like I'm left off Bad & Boujee (what?)
VVS diamonds, they wet like Jacuzzi
Choppa hit him, make him sing like he Lucci

[Trapboy Freddy]
Sing like Lucci, ban like Boosie
I'm in the trap, trap god like Gucci
I smoke the kush to a doobie
Wrappin' the powder like Loubins
F&N no Ruger, shoot a n***a like a movie
I had them cruisers by Rudys

[G$ Lil Ronnie]
Clip long as two rulers
Give her pipe then I threw her, act like I never knew her
I'm in your city like I grew in it, you in my city, you tourin'
These n***as watchin', try to copy what I'm doing
It don't work like unemployed

[Go Yayo]
A n***a playing then we blowing
Reach for my chain then you dying lil n***a, you know I ain't going
Play with Go Yayo, be dead in the morning
First shot in your head, we ain't sending no warnings (b*t*h)