Go Yayo
Slap A Rapper Challenge (Shooter)
Yeah ayy, ayy, gang, gang gang gang, yeah
B*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah whoa, ayy, wop

Ain't none of you n***as no challenge, ayy
Pour up that wop by the gallon, ayy
OG gas bag came from Cali
Cook up that dope, residue on my Bali
Young n***a trap in the alley
Fifteen the spot, we was sleepin' on palley
Y'all n***as wanna hate on me 'cause I'm havin'
You get caught with that pay, b*t*h I'm snaggin', ayy
Get caught with that stack then I'm jackin', ayy
Ten hoes half naked in my trap like a pageant
Mailman knocking on the door, that's a package
HoodFame Gang stack paper like patties
No 21, lil b*t*h I'm a savage
HoodFame Gang shoot sh*t like the Madden
Lil Rondo got licensed, can fly with that ratchet
You come to my show with that f**k sh*t, we smashin'
Ayy ayy, bossman back and I'm goin' in
Good gas goin' fast, got four for ten
Ayy another rap n***a mad, here we go again
Yayo at a rap n***a throat again
Grab the strap, now we back at your show again
Do you really want me at your show again?
Want me show the whole world you a ho again?
Lil n***a forgot, well f**k I'ma show him again
I'm OG, don't play me with this rap sh*t
N***a play with the gang, we gon' whack sh*t
Pop up on lil bro, let him have it
Catch him lackin', wrap him up like a jacket
Wrap him up, wrap him up
Leave a f**k n***a slumped just for acting tough
He ain't even get to up 'cause he had it tucked
Pull a thooka on me, n***a try your luck
These n***as they suck
I'm in Balenci's, you still rockin' Chucks
I made it out, you just mad 'cause you stuck
How the f**k you the plug, you ain't even score no bucks
These lil n***as mad, I'm sittin' tall like a truck
These n***as switch up 'cause they want my position
Business is business, I just want my digits
Chopper my brother, you know
I thought we was gon' blow, you came and sent me in that visit
Don't get a mil, duck the feds all I'm wishin'
Riverboat 21 still on a mission
HoodFame Gang, one to the face, ain't no switchin'
Cut off my tongue 'fore I rat, ain't no snitchin'
Run to that sack like I'm blitzin', ayy
Percocet and Tussan, they got me itchin'
I just want the head, we don't do no kissin'
Kick a b*t*h out of my ear with that b*t*hin', b*t*h

Yeah yeah
HoodFame Gang
Yayo, big homie
N***a, don't f**kin' forget, lil a** boy
Stop f**kin' playin' me n***a, on gang n***a
On my mama stop f**kin' playin' me n***a
Or I'll slap the sh*t out you lil a** boy
On my mama, good rappin' a** n***a
These n***as know, n***as know they can't f**k with me n***a
Know how I'm built n***a
Talkin' 'bout n***a, this sh*t in me, not on me n***a, for real n***a
Make me show out for real, pop out for real, f**k n***a
I started this sh*t, gang
Pu**y a** n***a
N***a done ducked beef n***a
That's why they never hear no motherf**kin' beef, n***a ducked the beef n***a
N***as ain't not tryin' you 'cause you savage pu**y a** n***a
You duckin', you scared n***a, you runnin'
And n***as ain't tryin' me when they see me n***a
I'm slappin' the sh*t out a f**k n***a when I see him n***a
We shootin' up sh*t n***a
We shootin' up Sprinters, that chain f**k n***a
Better check in on mafia b*t*h a** n***a, on my mama n***a
Crud, gang gang
HoodFame USA n***a, head honcho f**k n***a
N***as know what the f**k goin' on, hah
Gang, gang gang gang, pu**y a** n***a
Lil a** boy, lil girly a** n***a
Lil skinny strong, I'll beat your b*t*h a** n***a, on my granny n***a
Beat the f**k out you boy, on my mama n***a
We jump through all that n***a, get whooped like your daddy used to n***a
Nigag you can't call your daddy on me n***a
F**k your daddy, I'll beat your daddy's a** too n***a
Whoever n***a, gang gang n***a
Rich before 21 forever n***a
Slap any rap n***a, spit in a rap n***a's face all 2017 n***a
Slap a rapper challenge f**k n***a, let's go