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Go Yayo

"Seeing Double"

Skrrt skrrt
HoodFame Gang
Rich before 21

I'm seein' double, came up from the gutter, came up from the struggle
Serving mustard, ridin' with that cutter, ain't no time to scuffle
Tryna bubble, hundreds in my duffle, play me, you in trouble
I'ma bust you, ain't no time to tussle, yopper came from Russia
We gon' touch you, we gon' flush you, ayy, burn his ass like Usher
Draco start errupting, now that n***a leakin', gushin'
Drum on that chopper, that b*t*h bang like it's percussion
Pop a n***a muffin, you get more than a concussion

[Verse 1]
Said I got all these rappers shook up
You want smoke, n***a, push up
Know we pop out, we don't pull up
Good dope, b*t*h, we got hookup
Hit the studio and cook up
It's bricks, you wanna book us
The plug tried to play me, lil' n***a, you know we took some'
Take some' (Take some', take some'), shake some'
I'm in the kitchen with chickens, I'm tryna bake some' (Whip)
I'm sticking d**k in your b*t*h and I'm tryna break some'
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I'm tryna break some'
Run from twelve 'til they get me, I got nothin' but killers with me
Fully auto, not no semi, I'ma spray it 'til it's empty
f**k these n***as 'til they hit me, swear this rap sh*t just don't fit me
Wanna leave the streets alone but the trap is too temptin'
I wanna leave the streets and do this rap sh*t but I can't
Money in a shoebox, n***a, we don't f**k with banks
Ridin' with that thuwop, n***a play, we'll leave you stank
Smokin' on Ben Frank, OG, I got rank, n***a
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