Go Yayo
Hoodfame Killuminati
Go yayo only

Rollie on me iced out
You ain't bout that action pu**y n***a need to pipe down
Bih give me that pu**y give it here im talking right now
Kilo on my neck I keep a glizzy I can't fight now
We got white good dope and the price right
VVs shine in the dark like a night light
Pop up with them choppas pu**y n***a we not bike life
9 pints of that l-l-lean that's a light bite
10 O's of that og gas I got a bale on me
Dropout by the bag pu**y n***a ain't no scale on me
Choppa in the VIP at my show I keep a shell on me
Ain't beefing with these rappers cause I know they gonna tell on me
Shoot it out hell nah what the f**k is that
Pop up where he at brr bow leave a n***a flat
N***a really pu**y yeah that n***a he a cat
Get stuck in that jam I bet that pu**y n***a rat
That's a fact
Waste a case of hi tec on my bezel
Smoking dead opps f**k yo patnas im so disrespectful
Hoodfame gang we rebels take this b*t*h into another level
I know my time coming I been talking to the devil
Hoodfame killuminati I ride with ak no shotty
They took my n***a zack now we going body for body
1 up top ahk in the trenches lurking to mozzy
Ima send a thotty pop up clear the whole posse
B*t*h just for a profit cook that dope like hibachi
Run up in yo spot mask up like tekashi
Balenciaga runners n***a these ain't hurraches
B*t*h I got that sauce get it hot like sirachi

Sauced up
Flossed up
Hoodfame bmo b*t*h you know we bossed up
You inside the mall you don't wanna cross us
You kissing on that b*t*h n***a she a tosser