Go Yayo
Spirit Bomb (Power Up Pt. 5)
Big, yeah, yeah
Big homie Yayo, f**k n***a
I'm back, yeah
Gang sh*t n***a, yeah

[Verse 1]
Big draco in the club, this ain't no deuce deuce, no
We want all the smoke, when it's beef it ain't no truce, no
All of my young n***as shoot
Carbon-15 knock him right out his boots
Pockets on fat, Bruce Bruce
Go Yayo boom god, f**k n***a who you?
Ooh, ooh, put a n***a on the news
'Nother mama crying, say her son gone too soon
AR-15 on me shoot hoops
Yopper hit him, all they found was his shoe
Stupid a** n***a tryna run off with my loot
Nah, that n***a pu**y, little n***a not my crew
HoodFame Gang, Glo Gang, free Boot
First 48, N***a won't find a clue
Free Goon Papi b*t*h, we murder for hobby
Take that girl and beat the b*t*h like I'm bobby
Hundred round drum in my Audi
Wanna be HoodFame Gang, gotta go catch a body
Heard a f**k n***a say that I'm hiding
I'm in your hood every day, ridin' 'round with a tommy
Speak on Yayo, it's a homi
Why the f**k I'ma run when it's killers behind me?
I got b*t*hes that'll go get the bread for me
YCN gang, they'll come get your head for me
All my n***as, we got stripes like it's ref on me
All my young n***as gon' step for me, step for me
Whole Southside gon' steal for me, kill me for me
Drill for me, pop up with sticks, leave you peeled for me
Got your baby mama servin' the pills for me
When I get rich, move my clique to the hills with me
F**k that rap sh*t, I got rich off of juggs
Million dollars, take my gang out the hood
Yopper leave a n***a bloody like Suge
Lil Greg got the thooka like wish a n***a would
These f**k n***as mad I took off like a rocket
Trapping forever, I'm never gon' stop it
Twenty thousand cash stuffed in my pocket
The plug need me, I'm the motherf**kin' socket

B*t*h a** n***a
Know what the f**k goin' on n***a
Big homie Yayo, b*t*h n***a
I'm back on that, f**k a nick n***a
What you talkin' about n***a?
The f**k you n***as claimin' you whoopin' me n***a?
N***a touch lil Yayo it's a first degree n***a
The f**k goin on n***a?
F**k all that opp sh*t n***a
Gang, gang
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
Big bank on me, leave a f**k n***a sh*t stank
Big K on me, leave a f**k n***a clique paint
Diamonds water water like a motherf**kin' fish tank
I got that thing on me
I'm a real killer, these n***as can't hang with me
My young n***as stain for me
I say the word and they come get your brain for me
Man come get your chain from me
My young n***as geeking off red and off turtle
HoodFame USA go hard for that murder
These opp n***as talking, these n***as unheard of
That f**k sh*t you talkin', ain't heard of that
Give a f**k 'bout your clique, we'll pop up and murder that
If that n***a survive, we gon' double back
Now he cryin', the fake boom want his brother back
Pu**y a** n***a
Real killer sh*t n***a, ain't just G4E n***a
You know how the f**k we rockin' n***a
All that opp sh*t get you smoked n***a
We ain't playin' no more n***a
F**k all that rap sh*t n***a, we gon' come kick your door n***a and shoot your dead in your motherf**kin' face n***a
Tie your niece up and make you pay to get that b*t*h back n***a
F**k you talkin' 'bout n***a?
When it's beef with us, n***as hittin kids and all n***a
Don't give a f**k n***a
Every time I tie a n***a grandma up and slap the sh*t out her stupid a** n***a
Ayy, I know you miss your mama n***a
I'ma send you right to that b*t*h n***a, on gang
Real four twenty-one, 4E n***a
Livin' legend