Go Yayo
Trap [x16]

I ain't chasing after b*t*hes I just wanna trap
Built a million dollar business
Right up out the trap
Trap [2x]
You know I love to trap
If I don't make it off this rap
I'm a hit the trap

F**k a b*t*h just trap
Hit a lick and trap
I'm the n***a with the sack
Call me Warren Sapp
I got packs [x2]
Run 'em cross the map
I had to throw away my iPhone
I thought it was tapped
Junkies beatin' down the door
I had to change locations
I had to leave that b*t*h alone
Cause she do too much caking
The plug keep blowing up my phone
The money never made it (my bad)
We kicked big homie out the clique
Cause he was writing statements
Sipping on red you can taste it