Go Yayo
I’m On, Pt. 2
[Verse 1: Go Yayo]
If I get full of this lean girl i’m gon forget you
I got ten back to back shows on my schedule
That’s ten different b*t*hes 10 different bedrooms
First cla** to yo city come here lemme bless you
I’m not the one that’s gon come to yo rescue
I’m not yo hero baby I can’t catch you
Wanna be mine buh no I can’t let you
Shawty you fine
Buh no you not special (no)
I cannot slip on my pivot i’m all on my own
I’m on my way to yo city just wait on my message girl don’t hit my phone
I still can’t believe how you switched up on me
That mean you was hating all along
They thought I fell off now i’m back on the top
I guess you can say i’m in my zone (buh i’m in my zone)

[Chrous] x8
I’m on

[Verse 2]
I done went got that bag now i’m on now
No mo tru religion now its VLONE now
I created the wave made my own sound
Made a hit now it’s ten for a song now

[Chorus] x8
I’m on

[Verse 3]
If I get full of this lean girl I won’t regret you
I know these diamonds on me they impress you
You know I been havin , trappin since I met you
I got good dope, the lean , and percocet to
Before I trust you shawty I gotta test you
Before I f**k you gotta see what that head do
You never know what somebody capable of
Shawty you fine buh you not irreplaceable girl (nope)
I gotta get out and get it i’m all by myself
I been sippin ain got no prescription on that lean like it’s good for my health
I’m never slippin know I keep a glizzy
N***a play know I shoot like I’m Steph
All my b*t*hes crippin’
I got flava drippin know i’m deep in that water like phelps
Hoodfame Gang Til My Death
I’m on