Go Yayo
[Intro: Lil CJ]
Gang sh*t only, Aye aye
You f**kin with the gang
Hood fame gucci gang sh*t

[Verse 1: Lil CJ]
Straight out the trap b*t*h Im golden (Aye)
Play with the sack leave him holy (Boom boom)
Juggin remixin up tony (Whip)
Whipped up my wrist to a rollie (Ah)
Yayo, throw me a pack cause Im open (Im open)
Big ol' backwood full of yoshi (Gas)
Im with the sh*t like Im (?)
These n***as ain't no opponent (Nah)
Im aimin for legs till we dome him (Boom boom)
Gang sh*t only lil n***a you heard me (Gang gang)
Jumped off the porch with that thooka no worries (Pow Pow)
My lil n***as trappin f**k 12 b*t*h we servin (Trap trap)
Try me put holes in your side like a jersey (Grrrat)
Now who that say they want plex? (Who)
Up that b*t*h aim at his neck
Gang gang up next (Gang)
Got you f**k n***as lookin upsеt (Aye)
We boom from the еast to the west (Boom)
Real trappa no cappa these f**k n***as hate (Trap)
Dont give him a sack bettet eat off his plate (On gang)
Dont pa** me no liquor Im sippin on drank (Drank)
Got me lil b*t*h mad cause I dont go out on dates (Lil b*t*h)
Hood fame global b*t*h we runnin the race (Gang)
Steady uppin and we aimin at face
Trap (?) b*t*h go get me a K
You kissin that b*t*h all she give me is face (Yayo)

[Verse 2: Yayo]
Still in the trap b*t*h Im rollin
I got the work b*t*h Im holdin (Trap)
Full of lean lean b*t*h Im dozin (Lean lean)
F**k n***a play then we smoke him (Boom)
24/7 We open, My trap it ain't closin (Nope)
Want (?)
Money so big they can't fold it (Huncho)
Police can't control it
Hood fame gang we bring the dope in
Straight from the Fort now Im global
These n***as just local
F**k on your b*t*h and I choke her (Uh uh)
Pull on her hair when I stroke her
She love when I poke her
Then I stick d**k in her vocal (Uh b*t*h)
B*t*h Im in the pot like its poker
These n***as just jokers
Your partner down bad but you broker (You weak)
Wet up your block with this soaker
F**k this rap sh*t b*t*h Im tryna get rich off of smokin (Trap)
F**k all that talkin lets do it
Backdoor on the addy we bootin
Pop up and we shootin (Yea
Get caught in the alley you through with
Big draco no uzi
My young n***as damn near be foolin
I am the man in the city, I won't show no pity
I give them the work they'll do it
50 thousand dollars, took it and blew it
These pu**y n***as they just mad cause they losin (Gang gang)
[Outro: Yayo]
Big homie