Go Yayo
[TSlick 4E]
Forever gang, forever bang

[Hook: TSlick 4E]
Murdaworth b*t*h everyday its a crime scene
Heard some n***as got dropped but not on my team
4E on feet boy, it’s chops with the red beam
Heard a n***a got hit in the top for the real green
Freak b*t*h eat the ham, I’ma give the hoe protein
They say a n***a got shot in the hood but it wasn't us
I heard he got shot in the leg but what the f**k, what? You know we aim for the head when we put em in the dirt, B*t*h!
T-Shirt gang, b*t*h we will put you on a framе
Smoking on a new opp, I can't say whats his name
But his a** got dropped in thе streets for the fame
I heard he sent a couple shots, thats a got damn shame
Another opp got dropped for a whole lotta change
Forever Long Live Zac, I’ma get it back gang but I gotta get bro after I get mane

[Verse 1: TSlick 4E]
Slickster real shiest when I move in the streets
Think im you're homeboy but I really want heat
Trickster with a b*t*h i'll put her on a leash
I'll set a n***a up for the pounds or the cheese
We’ll kick a n***a door make ‘em get in his knees
If a n***a move wrong roll ‘em up in the weed
Hold on, wack his face with the M-15
In the club with a shank poke a n***a like scream (B*t*h)
N***a diss on 4E he get mowed down
(?) on go now
He just said he wan’ spin on lil bro ‘nem
Thought about it like why not just show them?
Hold on b*t*h we gon’ get the funds
Sign a deal, we gon’ get some more guns
Get them packs in the mail for a ton
I can’t let ‘em take me from my sons
I can’t let ‘em take me away from my daughters