Off The sh*ts lyrics

Brennan Savage

On the block
On the block
I'ma switch it up a little bit

Verse 1 - Brennan Savage
This sh*t ain't a game I could tell off top
Look boy we ain't the same
Straight up out the womb
I got Savage in my name
I be drippin sauce, too much you can not contain
Heard you talking? What you sayin? (aye)
Me and Drip pullin up we off the sh*ts
Ridin round south with amigos sellin bricks
Kickin in doors, they call me Karate Kid
I know that you ran ahead when i pulled up to your crib (Whats wrong bro?)
I never front
Do what I want
I see the 12 I'ma me eat up the blunt
I'ma show up
Walk in the function I pull out the bag and you ask for a blunt
You want a blunt?
You is a chump
You is a pu**y, I call you my son

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