Ourselves the Elves

(Verse 1)

Ever feel sometimes like the world is Against you
And all the problems that you facing start to Stress you
I'm Talkin to myself like dog don't let that sh*t Offend you
Cuz they ain't f**kin ready for the heights Imma Ascend to N***a Im Starving!!
While Reaching for the glory Im feelin armless
When I was living wired they played with my strings like guitarists
Sometimes I hate the way the game has been made To be honest
Cuz they love to throw shade at a n***a that's workin the hardest
That's why I cut ties with these wires, I'm tired of livin inside of the margin
Ain't got time for these liars cuz I'm higher in mind than the sh*t that you sparkin
Plus nowadays N***as are snitching and b*t*hes be bringin me drama
So I said F**k the bullsh*t my n***a I'd rather just get to these commas
I swear This sh*t is literally wavy
But I'm An a**hole that's why my chivalry is lazy
I'm Always Smokin potent til Im visually Hazy
While These n***as be fugazee talking timidly and Shady
I Feel like Scotty pippen pimpin in the 80's
Winnin all the time count my victories on the daily
Plus My b*t*h is Thicker than a biscuit where's the gravy
It's just Me myself I and the Trinity is crazy


If you thought that you was runnin sh*t ya dead wrong
Ain't get the message like you stuck in a dead zone
You struggling tryna find some reception
Yo b*t*h eying my section and I don't mind the attention (2x)

(Verse 2)

Cuz Ya f**kin with the most whyreless so we connect
Aka The freshest when I step in outta coat check
Soon to be at coachella, sippin some coke and coronas
While Yo ho stands in my shows wet (That I gotta confess)
I'm Losin my mind, but it ain't somethin I'm choosing to find
One thing's for sure no refusin my might
Cuz I'm movin to heights that you'd truly dislike
In this system I'm livin round n***as that's getting wild
Inching Distant cuz it dont take a Village to raise a child
I was Reflecting really hard on what I could do to be free
Changed my ways of thinking cuz I hated way that we see
Stepped out the box and made a path in which I could simply be me
As The Most Whyreless and created this EP soo....

(Chorus) (2x)


It's The Most Whyreless and you know this (4x)