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Bishop Briggs

"I Am More"

Don't wanna play this game
A heart stole my name
Don't wanna play this game
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
No shoes to hold my weight and I'm falling
I won't let go, oh

I have broken throught these walls
I'm open now
But I still fall
Oh will it end?
If I run from it all
Does it matters?
I hope it matters, oh

Do you know that I'm more?
I am more than what htey think
Sonia what do you need?
Oh Sonia what do you see?

When I'm down I see your face, oh
And I think of all the days, oh
When love was more that what we needed
And this life was more than just deceiving
That's far away

The earth is shining brighter than the sky

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