$teven Cannon
Side Bae
[Verse 1: Lil Xan]
I got so much drugs up in my pockets, yuh ayy
Sold so many drugs now I can't stop it, yuh ayy
F**king with these thots, ain't got no option, yuh ayy
F**king with your thot, you ain't got options, ayy yuh
Chilling with your b*t*h, I'm chilling with your bae, ayy
If you got a problem, you know where I stay
909 to 818, that's where I lay, yeah
Got some f**king kush, she snort it, she like yay, yah
White girl from the valley, [?] call her bae, yuh
Call her everyday, she [?], yuh
Lil Xan a motivation everyday, yuh
People hate, they hate, they hate [?], yuh

[Verse 2: $teven Cannon]
That whip looks like it's dipped right in some chocolate, ayy
She trying to act toupee, she want style today
I'm trying to smoke the weed that's in the tropics, ayy
Now she try to knock me down in all kind of ways, uh
I [?] with the 40, [?], uh
I'm glad my windows tinted, all these hoes ain't cuties, uh
But these b*t*hes keep me lit just like a f**king doobie, uh
Xanax make you goofy, know your back with Lucy
Catch me in a [?], music that you dance too
Caught me with a damsel cause she know what them bands do
B*t*hes think I'm handsome, that car ride like a Phanton
This gon' be an anthem so don't you change the channel, ayy
Your b*t*h, she tryna catch me with my side bae, ayy
I don't know or do I, I ain't got no time today, ayy
B*t*h you trying to catch me with my side bae, ayy
Ayy, ayy, spray, spray