$teven Cannon
Back And Forth
[Verse 1: $teven Cannon]
Wrist game, 6 plains
Big chains, chicks hang
Carti gla**, smokin pa**
Countin cash, takin dabs, f**k a fact

[Verse 2: Lil Xan]
Crack load, hard time
Lil Xan so bright, so right
Hoe, Xan, Xan, Xan
Pop it right, a Xan, I ain't used to writing
Ridin like a hot boy, in the hood like a transmition, I patch move like a com, boy
Roobies, diamonds on my earring, clap a n***a like an oncaur
F**k n***as got a weird lane, they girlfriend like a tomboy
Yeah, Xan, I be bout my sh*t
AKs with them full clips
Bae bae, that's my main b*t*h
Kill kill you snitch
Snakes in the gra**, cut them, b*t*h
Fakes, you a problem, kid
Hallo tip straight to the head
Yeah, I got a bad bad b*t*h