$teven Cannon
Cinnamon Apple
[Verse: Lil Xan]
Whip, I'm drivin my mama's car
Now I whip the Mozerati car
I amed up at the sky, and I shot past the stars
Never thought the rap could really take me far
And now I'm in your house
F**king b*t*hes, f**kin on your b*t*h
This a different type of flow, I just wanna let you know
Switch it up, every single night
I don't got no problem with no one no more
Drop that beef sh*t, way back in 04
I was just a little kid, tryna get my sh*t together
But that never worked, so I just push myself
Now I'm worth something more than I ever thought I could be
Sing all night, she call my phone every night
She lookin for me, I know she lookin right