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Oscar Scheller


1UP, 1UP, 1UP
1UP, 1UP, 1UP

[Verse: Oscar]
Are we in real time?
Has it been too long?
Am I gonna die before I reach the next level?
I held the controller a little bit too tight
Is it game over, will I get a new life?

[Pre-Chorus: Oscar]
Here I am, I'm stuck in one player mode
Maybe it's me that's broke
Don't wanna be the bad one
When you left, I could feel the world grow cold
It really ain't no fun playing all alone

[Chorus: Oscar]
Gonna do something new in my next life (1UP, 1UP, 1UP)
On the screen I can dream where there's no light (1UP, 1UP, 1UP)
If I don't love myself, I don't need no one else
One's enough, tell the world I'm alright (1UP, 1UP, 1UP)

[Verse: Oscar]
There's a glitch in the system, on this next level
I'm lost in the moment trying to find my way out this
I don't know the right call, I'm at the friendly fire
Can you make me invisible? I feel little
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