Nina Sky
Curtain Call
[Intro: Rick Ross]
It's a movie, baby
Yeah, Nina Sky
The biggest boss in the biz, Ricky Ross
Sending this one out to Amsterdam, Switzerland, Berlin, Sweden
You feel me?
Ha ha...

[Verse 1: Nina Sky]
I want a man who can take the job
(It's an S.O.S. in progress)
Feel like I need to be involved
(With an all night problem solver)

Laying here when you cross my mind
Remember how you made me cry
Since I ain't shy 'bout what I want
I need a repeat
Boy, let's get it

Yeah, yeah, yeah, satisfy, satisfy
'Til you sweat out my hair
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's what I want [repeat x2]
I want it
Don't be so shook (so shy)
I'll leave the lights on
Door unlocked
Rendezvous at my spot
That's what I want [repeat x2]

It's about that time
Middle of the night
Get it right
When I give you the curtain call

Probably out with your friends
Actin' like a pimp in your Benz
Boy, you see me calling you
Shut it down
It's time to roll

(Curtain call)
You remember last time
Come on
(Curtain call)
Let's shoot a brand new episode
(Curtain call)
Are you ready for your curtain call?
[Verse 2: Nina Sky]
Light the candles and close the door
(Set the mood all the tension's stopping)
And you don't need no alcohol
(I'll be the lick that'll lean you proper)

Lying back looking at the stars
I'll be the Venus to your Mars
I'm just glad to be
Where you are right now, baby
Don't stop, keep me rocking

Let's start the show
The slow jam's on
My loving is warm
The lights are down low

It's time to see me, baby
Put it on me [repeat x2]
Feels so good
The farther we go

You got me like wow
You put your game down
I can't let go
'Cause you relieved me, baby
(Rick Ross: Ricky Ross, keeping it wrapped, baby)
Of all my troubles
(Rick Ross: Nina Sky, New York City)

The tempo's slow
But with the whipped cream
(Rick Ross: MIA, yo, London, yeah, a pound)
It's all for show, so come when I call

[Rick Ross:]
Ride with an underground king
Bun B bumpin' in that 600 clean
Girl, money ain't a thing
She can tell by the bling
She in a good mood
But that chick lookin' mean

We can do it all
Baby girl
My dog
I sign the autographs
But to me she's the star

I'm here to get it all
Turn around and give it back
Makin' love to her
I pause
Now look at dat
6-inch heels with Gucci and new wheels
Put a smile on her face
She ain't even seen in years

Baby I'm a boss
And boss don't play
At any given time, a [?]
A million in your face

If you look up in the sky
Then I'm sure you see the sun
In the world of so many
Baby, I am the one

You're what I want to do
Not tryin' to be rude
I had to keep it real
You da baddest in da room, holla

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Rick Ross:]
Uh, yeah
Show it to me baby
You know what I'm saying
No love, no love, yeah