Wesley Stromberg
Bucket List
Don't need a visa when you're flying private, no
Boats, planes, trains yeah, you know I'm on it
You know I'm on it
New 458 dripping wet paint
I ride down the interstate
Money like Trevin Fountain
Foreign money stay countin'
Living life like a bucket list
Living like I never miss
House white with a picket fence
Feelin' like the prince of Egypt
Showing love at the Kodak theater
All the trust ones gonna be there
Captain of the ship in the bay
Floatin' in the Dead Sea that's how we play

I live the dream, you'll never see
One kill the game quite like me
I'll be livin' it up, fillin' my cup, yeah
And I just got paid
Gonna go off
Way I be livin' just ain't enough
I'mma start doin' me, yeah

[Hook 2]
This world is so beautiful
Want to go see it all
Come travel around with me, me
Through the days and the nights
We work to make it right
Now come get lost with me, me

[Jack J]
Ever since I was a kid
When I grew up I knew I wanted a rolly on my wrist
And a brand new whip that I could show off to my friends
But that's just how it is when you're livin' life like a bucket list
Overseas or domestic
It doesn't really matter cause wherever we go you know we impressin'
And I'mma teach the world a lesson on what it means to be the person that goes beyond what's expected
Achievin' new goals every week
That's just how it goes, we don't sleep
We work around the clock all day because we seek a future where we can do just what we please
And I need this, I want this
So Imma make sure that I get it
And when I'm dead and gone I hope they singin' our songs and I'll be lookin' down like no way we did it, like no way we did it
Like no one has done it
Changing the world maybe bein' iconic
What we've always wanted, but we ain't even gotten started, yeah
So I'mma take it right back to my childhood
I never knew I'd catch flame like I'm firewood
But now I'm back cracklin' and sizzlin' and even though it's December and I'mma kill it cold blood like a tiger would
So let's get it now

[Hook 2]

So take all that pa**ion, turn it into action
Don't want no stress or tension
You're gonna be a legend
Will you open up your eye, yeah


[Hook 2]