Holy Tony
BS Freestyle
I really don't know what to say
My producer said, just rap about anything
So, that's what I'ma do

[Verse 1]
Let me get some curly fries
Let me get some apple pies
And let me get a lemonade , if you don't have that I'll just have Gatorade
I be whipping that a**, I be whipping that a** like Jackie Chan
I wanna go to the beach just to play in the sand
If you wanna feature me that's a 100 grand
Ay follow me, follow me, follow me on the gram
You know I'm the man
You know I gotta have my bread, yeah
I don't need no god damn friends, and I cannot pretend that I don't need my hunnit

I gotta have my hunnits, oh man gotta have my hunnit, hunnit grand, hunnit grand

[Verse 2]
I'm just rapping that BS
Look at all these broads in the club right now
They think I can give them something I'm like "how?"
I'm just broke as you, just trynna get the pound
And just like Shaggy said bro "How am I a clown?"
Ay, I just saw the Jungle Book, it was good
Please don't get misunderstood, I'm from the hood
Where people die everyday for saying "Hey
Ayo how you doing sir? How was your day?"
And I ain't trynna die, boy I hope you not about cry
You better wipe them tears up out your eyes, I like to eat my cereal dry
No I am not blind, and if I get a girl man she gotta be fine

Tellin' you man, all off the dome, straight off the head
Chicken wings , chicken nuggets, chicken fries, chicken pot pies baby, oh man
Rubby dubby in the tubby I had to tell her a** to get off me
Cause they call me Holy Tony! Cause they call me Holy Tony!