Holy Tony
What the?
Aye man
I think you got the wrong beat. (No I don't)
So you sampled the song from Spongebob? [Sure did]
Hey (Hey, Hey)
Oh (Oh, oh, oh)
Ok ok I'm wit it now
Yeah, Yeah

I gotta count up
Count up
Count up
Count These racks I made today
If you ain't talking 'bout money man get out my damn face
I got cash cash cash means money to my bank
If you ain't gonna dance for cash lil' mama then you will get no payed

I'm gon' blow ten grand
These bands will make her dance

[Verse 1]
Runnin Runnin Runnin Runnin to the like I'm Spongebob
Just like he know the Krabby Patty formula I just be cookin up straight bars
Then dig cash like i'm Mr. Krabs I might just drive by the back tomorrow
Do I go dumb I go stupid don't know what i'm done I feel like I'm Patrick Star
That's that migos flow right there
And nobody can hear me
But, back on topic
Got the top down, lock it
Got a bad thang waiting on me Yeah yeah
Start flexing on the gram here we go yeah
You're just wastin' yo time, baby
Aye, stop that lying, baby
Get on yo grind, baby
That flexin' ain't gon help, baby

Had to call you out, yo
Had to call you out, yo
Had to call you out, yo
Holy tony gone