Brandon Rogers
House of Asmodeus
[Intro: Moxxie]
I love you
More than the brimstone loves the fire
More than Beelze loves her bub
More than a maggot loves gangrenous stubs
You make my spirit sing
Yeah, you make me glad I live in Hell
Our love is a story sweet to tell
Yeah, you cast a special satanic spell over my heart
Love is a journey we decided to start
Yeah, I hope we'll never ever be apart
I love you (x7)

[Bridge: Moxxie, Asmodeus & Fizzarolli, Trio]
I love you (x5)
I lovе you (x3)

[Verse 1: Asmodeus & Fizzarolli]
Who's singing love songs in my lustful lounge?
Ozzie's ain't thе place for sentimental sounds!
What'd you expect from a proprietor like us?
Your demon host, Asmodeus, the embodiment of lust!

[Chorus: Asmodeus & Fizzarolli]
Give me a thrust!
Yeah, show me some lust (Bwabwabwabwa brrr)
From the groin to the bust
In desire, we trust
In the house of Asmodeus (Bwabwabwabwa bwaaaah-)
(Trumpet! Ha!)

[Verse 2: Asmodeus & Fizzarolli]
Little imp, you came here to sing your serenade
Perform your feelings on a velvety stage
Well, we got a saying that's popular in these parts
Only little b*t*hes strum the strings of their hearts!
You wanna hang around this lustful town?
Ditch the lovey-dovey before we knock you around
Here we sing about wants and desires
Depravity, savagery, loins hotter than fire!
[Chorus: Asmodeus]
So, give me a thrust!
Show me some lust
From the groin to the bust
Little imp, you just must
In the house of Asmodeus

[Post-Chorus: Asmodeus & Fizzarolli]
Come on, sing us a song
Make sure the subject is gettin' it on!
Make it graphic and tactfully long
Be sure to rhyme "thong" and "shlong"!
Go ahead, your mic's on!

[Bridge: Moxxie & Fizzarolli]
I want to..
Yeah, what do you want?
B*** stuff? P*ss play? Bondage?
Make gentle love to you

[Verse 3: Asmodeus]
Ugh, what a limp-d**k imp
You're really killin' the vibe
Get a load of this dweeb
And his unsatisfied bride
[Break: Blitzo, Moxxie]
Hey now! I've watched those two pork many times
What?! Blitz?!
And, honestly, they make missionary look relatively exciting!

[Verse 4: Fizzarolli]
Is that Blitzo? So, you're showin' your face?
Hey everybody, this guy's a total disgrace!
Some nerves you got to comment on a relationship
Last I checked your love life is a pile of sh*t!

[Verse 5: Verosika & Blitzo]
Oh, Blitzo?
I used to date him (Date him, date him)
(Oh Verosika, you are here...)
I'd stroke him and I'd fellate him (Fellate him, fellate him)
Yeah, but when it was my turn (My turn, my turn)
He did no reciprocatin' (What a d**k bag)
A selfish imp in the sheets
And just as bad in the streets
A reckless, heart-breaking freak!

[Bridge: Asmodeus & Wally Wackford]
Who's that at your table?
Is your date a demon prince?
Stolas, is that you?
Are you sleeping with an imp?!

[Verse 6: Asmodeus]
Woo! My dark lord, how the mighty do fall
You used to have a smoking wife, a kid, you had it all
I hope you didn't give it up so you and him could get it up

[Chorus: Asmodeus with Fizzarolli]
You sold your life for a thrust!
Now, that's the spirit of lust!
Grab your groin or a bust
You better get your head mussed
Pretend you don't see that crust
Hump 'till your junk turns to dust
In the house of Asmode-

[Break: Asmodeus, Millie & Moxxie]
I think you were trying to sing something for me, Mox
Yeah, I was

[Outro: Moxxie]
I love us
I love us just the way we are
Don't have to pretend to like to do things we don't
I've always got you around to laugh at my stupid jokes
I'll never take you for granted
I'll always give you my best
And if you can offer the same
Fate will handle the rest
'Cause I love you
'Cause I love you