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BandGang Lonnie Bands

"Free Big Meech"

[Verse 1: BandGang Lonnie Bands]
Make your b*tch scream my neighborhood, huh
I'm on 59th, n*gga, I'm in Phil hood, huh
I'ma f*ck the lil' b*tch on the Wraith hood, huh
I'ma buy the whole batch if them pills good, ayy, ayy
I ain't no n*gga you can press, huh, huh
f*ck around, catch two in the chest, huh, ayy
I ain't that n*gga you can check, huh, huh
Boy, you better have the vest, hold on, hold on
b*tch, I need the check, I don't really want the sex
If that pus*y ain't wet, I'm tryna slide in the Vette
Sold five ninety packs, plug said he impressed, huh
I'm lookin' for an Asian n*gga, lookin' for a Mex, hold on
Lookin' for an Asian ho, I heard they the best
I just fired my lil' ghetto ho, that broke b*tch a mess
I just put twenty packs on the shh, they compress, huh
Watch I make twenty turn to thirty, make it stretch, huh
I'ma cook it with the left arm, the right need a rest
Need to put your right hand on, that n*gga need some help
Hoo, young n*gga, I just cleared two checks, hold on
I just bought a lot of work, I ain't even get fresh, hold on

[Verse 2: Philthy Rich]
Look, I'm on bail, Lonnie on the run (I swear to God)
I done set a hundred b*tches down on the one (Solid)
Got a hundred .762's in the drum (One hundred of 'em)
That b*tch got a switchblade stuffed in her bun (Is that right?)
b*tch pus*y still stink comin' out the shower (b*tch)
She been turnin' all these dates by the hour (It's goin' down)
She can't take a break because I won't allow her (Uh-uh, b*tch)
On every Sunday, b*tch, I be watchin' Power (It's Philthy)
Gucci on the n*gga like Dapper Dan (Designer)
You ain't never help a n*gga stack a band (Never)
Cheese on your head like a Packers fan (Ayy, do that)
I carry three K's like the cracker Klan (It's Philthy)
Real rice up in LA (Havin' things)
Back to back foreigns, no tailgate (Foreign)
One day I had to roll up my cellmate (I had to)
A thousand eight grams what the scale say (Thirty-six)
Ayy, the streets don't got no benefits (Uh-uh, n*gga)
You either sellin' dope or you send a b*tch (Run it up)
The goals to get rich and not lookin' rich (Broke n*gga)
Look what happened to Big Meech and Money Mitch (It's Philthy)

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