I Didn’t Ask to Be This Lit
[Verse 1: Connor Edwards]
Big money, big nuts and a big fat sack
Overdosed on KFC like Barack (Uh)
Twisting up my genitals until they crack
Running from the cops 'cause you know I'm black (What?)
Marijuana, ecstasy, speed and crack
Overusing "*****" like a crackerjack (Uh)
All these b*t*hes, man, be knocking me off-track
Off-centre a**-holes, that sh*t be off-crack (Nice)
Girls bounce t**ties like they got a nice rack
Zoom zoom, kachow, driving on the racetrack (Skrrt)
Anything offends anybody these days
Millennials act like they get flashbacks

[Interlude: Filthy Frank]
Mmm, what you say? Huh, that you only meant way
Well, of course you did, huh, what you say?

[Hook: Connor Edwards]
I didn't ask to be this lit
I didn't ask to be this lit
I didn't ask to be this lit
I didn't ask to be this lit

[Verse 2: Connor Edwards]
Set fire to kids, creating anarchy
B*t*h, I went to Harvard, where's your Law Degree?
If you get the meme reference, you be Angery (Agh)
Flailing on the floor like a f**king amputee
Examining some pu**y in gynaecology
僕はセックス大好き (Yuh)
Wake up in the morning and I got a Woody
Sprinkle in the weed and I got herb tea (A-ha, asuh, dude)
Can't think straight, I got ADD
Black people steal things stereo-typically (Say "N***a")
Here's that monthly period, we call it Red Sea
Did you f**k a turkey? You're a wannabe

[Outro: Connor Edwards]
Skrrt! (Laughs)