Minecraft Parody of “Asain Jake Paul”
Calling all admins, griefers detected
Houses found in front of a big ravine
There's about to be 1.11.2 in progress
Send all available admins
Send in the back-up
Send in the big swords
Send in the endermen
Send in the... frick

[Verse 1]
I went in the cave and I found a lot of diamonds
But it's cool, after griefing you I'll send you three gold blocks
Oh, no! You getting mad?
Gonna swing the sword right at your helmet?
That crap was freaking absurd
You're a miner that can't mine gold with picks?
Type like you are a troll, ayy
Is that your diamonds or your gold, ayy
Say that to the admins face, ayy
How you're gonna grief my house
Ayy, you look afraid, must've a seen a creeper
Well same, little fart, but I'm not scared to kill one

[Verse 2]
Woo! You've been mining
Ever since you got a pick you've been mining
Let admins think you didn't grief it all
When you weren't capable of making a wooden sword
That's bad, but then I saw you try to build
I was more disappointed than when I found out
Notch disowned Minecraft
Boy, gotta mine
Gotta mine, mine, mine
Because when you don't have an admin role
Replace it with diamond armor
You really don't see your friends swinging their swords
Hoping to die in the lava
Of you throwing the price of what to trade in their face?
No, no, no, no, no, you think they're gonna say:

[Verse 3]
"Oh my Notch, you're such a legend
You make my pick hard with your reckless spending
You got an admin role and you're oh so funny
Please take me to your house and craft with me!"
You're freaking delusional
So try your best to remember
You are not an admin
You're a piece of crap griefer
Griefer boy a flavor of the month
But which is it, huh?
A whiny griefer-wannabe-admin
It's salt n' grief-admin
You're like Notch with no talent
Like Stampy but not a faggot
Like Lionmaker...
Actually yeah, you're exactly like Lionmaker
Say you don't wanna look like a j*rk
But dude, you're gonna be slain to death
How can you claim that crap
When you're too scared to go in the cave alone?

[Verse 4]
Little fart, little crap
Suck my big fat diamond pick
Admit that you just got slain
I'd say "take the sword" if you could PVP it
(Get it, because I love Minecraft?)
(That's what you wanted, right?)
(Hey, let's make fun of the enderman with enderman eyes)
Notch Christ, you're as predictable as a house tour
To call you surface level would be an insult to the pressure plate

[Verse 5]
Whatever you've promised to follow, you've quit
You can't mine for ****, you griefing stinkin' *****
Your diamond count is fickle, here's what I predict
Your house is bound to blow up to rubble
You— how the heck can someone named Notch
Not realize they are the owner?
But let me guess, I'm a mi— bad miner, right?
Isn't that your excuse?
When you're too stupid to explain your views
'Cause you're as basic as a one block wooden block
You're an insecure, unoriginal little fart and that's that
So come to think of it
You're the dog filter mod in Minecraft
Got diamonds, diamonds, gold and the iron and the stone
And yet you're always gonna be a little j*rk
Now I'm finished as planned
It was just three minutes so it wasn't that bad
But I got one question for you
Did the potion taste good tho?