Griefing It All
Calling all staff, arrows shot
Arrows shot in front of the mineshaft
There's about to be some TNT blowing up
Send all the available admins
Send in the moderators
Send in the MVP's
Send in the owners
Send in the... frick

[Verse 1]
I wanna find ores
'Cause I mined and I wanna dig all this
But it's cool, after digging it, I'll mined all the lapis
Oh no, you getting mad?
Gonna knock the diamonds right into the lava?
That is extremely absurd
And now you wanna be the cynosure?
You talk like you finding no ores, ayy
Is that a diamond or lapis, ayy
Say that to your MVP's face, ayy
How you cheated on Sky Wars
Ayy, you look afraid, must have seen a charged creeper
Maybe you run away or fight if you have armor

[Verse 2]
Woo, you've just been griefing
Ever since your little TNT blew up
Let staff you know you did it all
That you're capable to blow up all of my house
That's bad, that I saw you trying to grief my house
I was more disappointed that when I found out
I hit 200k
Man gotta mine
Gotta mine, mine, mine
'Cause when you don't have a mansion, replace it with a diamond
You really don't see your friends hop in a mine
Hoping to join, they're so tired of getting griefed
Over and over and over and over and over again

[Verse 3]
"Oh my gosh, you are a hacker
You make me so mad with your endless griefing
You're on the blacklist now, you dummy
Now go to the nether and heck off!"
You're messing up the server, so try your best to remember
You're not a player, all you are is a griefer
Let's find the block of day, but which one is it?
An exploding ma** of fire, it’s a TNT block!
You're like Sethbling, without the talent
Like Lionmaker, but a bigger pedo
You're like MinecraftKing but, no, wait you're exactly like MinecraftKing
Do you wanna grief the server?
But dude, you're gonna be banned soon
How can you grief all the stuff
But you're too scared to do it on Mineplex?

[Verse 4]
Little noob, little j*rk
Forgot to finish writing this lyric
Admit that you're just hacking
(Get it, because you're a hacker, this is what you wanted right?)
(Hey, I'm gonna grief the server with my cheats from 2005!)
Holy sheep, you're as predictable as a noob's house
To call you just a griefer would be an insult to the hackers

[Verse 5]
Whatever you said you’d grief, you did
You've done too much, you're sick, just quit, that's it
You're a— you're a hippo, here's what I predict
You're a killing spree that will go attended- unattended
How— how can the griefer
Just not know they've griefed too much?
But let me guess, you're crying, trying to get unbanned but that won't work
When you're done, at least before so much, you're just like the average griefer dude
You're a bad griefer
You've done too much, you're sick and that's that
So now I think you're just a coal in the mineshaft
Got diamonds, emeralds and the gold and I dig
And you're still gonna be a little noob
Now I'm finished as planned
It was just three minutes and it was pretty bad
So I got a question to ask you dude:
You wanna get banned too?