Minecraftian Jake Paul
[Verse 1: iDubbbz]
I wanna be gamer
'Cause you're f**ked and I wanna savour it
But it's cool, after smashing you I'll PayPal you two diamonds
Oh no, you getting mad?
Gonna knock the sword right out of my hand?
That sh*t was f**king absurd
You're a "miner" who can't resolve sh*t with ores?
Talk like you eating some steak, ayy
Is that your XP or your age? Ayy
Say to your audience face, ayy
How a golden apple tastes
Ayy, you look afraid, must have seen an Enderman
Well, ditto, little b*t*h, but I'm not scared to show mine

[Verse 2: Boyinaband]
Boy, gotta mine
Gotta mine, mine, mine
Because when you've got no personality
Replace it with a pickaxe
You really don't see your friends rolling their eyes
Hoping to die, they're so tired
Of you throwing the note blocks in their face?
No no no no, you think they're gotta say

[Verse 3: iDubbbz]
Little hoe, little b*t*h
Suck my 5.3 inch pick
Admit that you just got pounded
I'd say "purpur" if you could pronounce it

[Verse 4: Boyinaband]
Whatever you've promise to follow, you've quit
You can't persist for sh*t, you narcissistic prick
Your audience is fickle, here's what I predict
Your house is bound to crash down to rubble! (Oh no!)
How the f**k can someone called Gum
Not realize they're in the Nether?
But let me guess, I'm irrelevant, right?
Isn't that your excuse?
When you're too stupid to explain your views
'Cause you're as basic as a clay block Rubik's Cube
You're an insecure, unoriginal little b*t*h and that's that
So come to think of it
You're actually the Creeper filter on Snapchat
[Outro: iDubbbz]
Got cash, cash, money, and the views and the clicks
And yet you're always gonna be a little b*t*h