[Yeah, yeah]

Verse 1:
Red dot, red dot
At yo face that’s red dots
Comin’ thru these pop outs
N**** you get shot down
My job ain’t done no clock out
Stripes on me i call fouls
I’m too sick might call out
Syphilis that’s too fowl
Different chains like playgrounds
Giving cookies, girls cout
Gave me nookie ouu oww
Gettin’ laid like Luau
I’m a rookie, no scouts
They mistook me why? How?
Orange diamonds White House

I’m too Lit like pipe down
Pipe down, pipe down
Like a sewer, pipe down
I’m the sh*t like nuketown
N***** comin’ around
N***** comin’ around

Verse 2:
Imma just spit on the track
And i run up these raps
And i smoke on the gas, no cap
She want me to buy her a bag
I told her guess what
I’m not doin’ that no cap
Smoking on catus and jack
I’m tryna get signed
The huncho of rap, no cap


Verse 3:
Gettin’ designer on ‘sighner
F**k on yo auntie and momma [right]
We gettin’ zoo’d like a llama [right]
Flood up the street, total drama [right]
Look at the throne I am watching [right]
I am the captain like pilot [right]
I am decision of topic [right]
Who after me, they can't top it [right]
I’m in the back like a c*ckpit [ouuu]
[okay I’m done]

Verse 4:
Tryna get rich like I’m roddy
Outta my mind so no body
I’m the first stop like a lobby
Doin’ it for real, ain’t no hobby
Shadow clone jujitsu, you copy
Put it out A$AP no rocky

[Now I’m really done]