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The Virus & Antidote



f*ck with me, done with me, I don't give a f*ck
Ready to ride, I'm ready to die, I wish you all good luck
Blade on my side, taking your hide
b*tch, a dead man finna cut
Look in my eyes, I'm ready
It's time to show you what the f*ck is up
Back with that new sh*t, ride with the crew, b*tch
Skeleton settlin', bones about to crack
I thought you knew, b*tch, corpse full of mucus
I be with them tools and I am just so useless
Without my blade, I'm clueless
Swing with the sword, I'm swangin' b*tch
Yeah, pop and I drop and I'm slangin' sh*t
Quit with all the chit chat, that's how you get your ass capped
Hook you with the deadman, hit you like a flashback
Look where they runnin', you’ll never be safe
I'm on your trail I know your scent
Steppin' up on the scene, rips up in my jeans
Cuts up in my mind, slice you up and leave
I am the one who shanked ya, BONES is naughty by nature
Lay you on the tray, then I f*ckin’ cremate ya

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