IFoundHimLikeThis lyrics

The Virus & Antidote

[Verse 1 - Kel Killuminati]
Bleeding on rap scene
b*t*h it ain't no vaccine
The sh*t I am Contracting
I’m dragging f**king bodies
Blood hurdling screams
Is the last thing
On my sh*tty conscious
The kitchen knife is the what im that grasping
b*t*h I'm f**king starving I eat the bodies, I'm fasting
Acting, quickly body jel gets gashing
Casting, wicked spell while reenacting
Extracting esophagus, open up taste the last the spleen
Better than my competitors
Rawer than salmonella is
Let the pressure just settle in
Fulfilling all my needs as im feasting on a patella quick
Nutella for the he’ll of it
Screaming louder than kеttles is
My mind is f**king hazy
I'm Going nuts up in celibate
I'm nеgative to relevance
Put you down for embarrassment
Spread the blood all over me
Love the way my appearance is
f**k the rest
I don't stress
Never left for comparisons

[Verse 2 - EloimMeth]
Shivers dance into my spine
It's my life I've the right to decide
There's no hell for me, no paradise
I just reopen my scars for the last time
I close my eyes then
Say goodbye
The dark looks bright
And I won't hide
I let the death kiss my face
Now I can’t run away
Your gaze will be cold
Like the blood that runs through my veins
I let the death kiss my face
There is no turning back
I slowly disappear and wonder
“Will you follow me?”

[Verse 3 - Skrilla]
My energy rising, hit full power at midnight
You talk to my team can’t trust u it don't feel right
Let’s go to the woods yeah super moon round midnight
Went towards the woods
And I found a man dead but I found him like this
Strangled up with his eyes cut and his hand cut but just wait
Cut him down and I burn him up and I leave his ashes no trace
Know you afraid of the dark just act ya role and go play ya part
Know you afraid of the dark just act ya role and go play ya part

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