Mark Hollmann
Look At The Sky
[PENNY, spoken]
You've got a sweet lookin' head, Bobby, a sweet lookin' head! But you keep it up there in the clouds day after day after day and it's gotta come down from there. You hear me?! Get that head out of the clouds, Bobby Strong! You get it out of the clouds!

Off in the distance there's a beautiful horizon
Gleaming and radiant, it's what I'll keep my eyes on
As the world turns to face the sun and start another day
It suddenly occurs to me that maybe we can find another way

Look at the sky
Full of hope and promise
It's a shining ideal
How I reel when I look at the sky

Daily we make them pay their nickels, dimes, and quarters
Daily we break them 'cause we have to follow orders
And we keep filling moneybags with broken lives and dreams
But what's it for? I can't ignore
These black immoral profit-making schemes

Look at the sky
High above this madness!
Here below feel our shame!
It must stop in the name of the sky!

[PENNY, spoken]
The fee is the law, Bobby Strong. 

[BOBBY, spoken]
And what if there was a new law in town, Ms. Pennywise? A new law that didn't come from any voting process or elected body or or process of judicial review, but a brand new law that came from an organ. That's right, a muscular, blood-pumping organ. Like this one. Right here, 

[PENNY, spoken]
A muscular organ?

Can't you see it, Ms. Pennywise? Well, if this one's too small for you, why not try this one on for size?

[PENNY, spoken]
It''s blinding me!
Look at the sky!
There's a great big heart there!
There's a heart in the sky
There just is, don't ask why, it's the sky!

[PENNY, spoken]
Don't do this, Bobby. You'll regret it. 

[BOBBY, spoken]
I don't think so. C'mon, Ma. This one's on the house. For everyone!

[THE POOR, spoken]

Your heart knows all things great and true

The things mere brains can never know

Your heart points to the great big blue

Where the people's allegiance must go!
(Tell me where!)
Look at the sky! (Look at the sky!)
That's our inspiration! (Look at the sky!)
We can win if we try
We begin when we look at the sky!

[PENNY, spoken]
Oh Bobby, what's to become of you? What's to become of us all?!

Look at the sky! (Off in the distance)
Standard of the people! (There's a beautiful horizon)
It's a banner so wide
Flying proudly with pride
In the sky (In the sky)
In the sky!