Mark Hollmann
Mr. Cladwell
I saw gray skies, foreboding and cold!
I saw gray skies and made them rain gold!
Now those skies aren't so bleak to behold!
They're still gray
But they pay for your sal'ries tenfold!

I took this town that formerly stank
I took this town and made it smell sw***!
I made flushing mean flush at the bank!
I'm the man with the plan
And so who should you thank?


Mister Cladwell
We're so thankful
For that bank full of dough!
You're a toreador
And it's cash that you gore!
Could we hope for much more?
We really doubt it!

You may be right there!

Mister Cladwell
You've got riches
Which is just what we need!
We say hail to you, the Duke of the ducats!

I can bring in bucks by the buckets!

You're the master
You're making money!
Faster still than bees making honey!

You're Mister Cladwell!

[HOPE, spoken]
Gosh Daddy, I never realized large, monopolizing corporations could be such a force for good in the world. 

[CLADWELL, spoken]
Few do

All those coins that we take from the throng
End up here where those coins all belong
Lots of coins make our company strong!

Charging fees as we please
Is our right - it's not wrong!

We're not greedy as some make us seem
We need funds for our big research team

Men in lab coats and test tubes with steam!
What it shows
No one knows
But, hey, still we can dream!


[Chorus & (HOPE)]
Mister Cladwell (Dad! That's my Daddy!)
Finding answers (Da da, da da daddy!)
Curing cancers of doubt! (That's my dad!)

Your ambitions are high (Daddy, daddy)
But you're humble as pie! (That's my daddy)
What a wonderful guy! (And I)
We simply love you! (Simply love you!)

You're making me blush now!

Mister Cladwell
You're so godly!
Oddly perfect and right!

You are continental, yet unpretentious!

Fancy-free, yet so conscientious!

Wise but trendy, tough as a mountain!

Goodness flows from you like a fountain!
You're Mister, you're Mister -

[CLADWELL & (Chorus)]
Cladwell! (Cladwell!)