Mark Hollmann
Tell Her I Love Her
[Little Sally]
Tell her I love her
Tell her I'll always be with her
And I will see her in a better place
Where hope is always new

Ours was a short time
Ours was a love that never bloomed
Yet in that love there lives
A brand new hope
It's calling out to you

Its call is soft and gentle
Tame and fine
It's docile and benign

A pickle in the brine
What did I say? That isn't what I meant
I've lost my sense of scent
I fear my life is spent

[Bobby and Little Sally]
No one is innocent

[Little Sally (spoken)]
No one

[Soupy Sue (spoken)]
"No one is innocent"? What did he mean by that?

[Little Sally (spoken)]
I don't know, he started fading in and out after a while. It was a miracle he was alive at all, the fall was so horrible

[Tiny Tom (spoken)]
Was he talking about me? How can he say I'm not innocent? Not innocent of what?

[Little Becky Two Shoes, spoken]
Not innocent?! Who the hell does he think he is?!
[Little Sally (spoken)]
Wait! Wait, please. There's more. He said...

Tell all the people
Tell them the time is always now
Tell them to fight for
What they know is right

I've lost my sense of sight
And yet I see them
I see them standing hand in hand

[Bobby and Little Sally]
I see them standing hand in hand
And cheek to cheek and gland to gland
There still is hope, I see it, in this land

[Little Sally]
If only -

[Josephine (spoken)]

[Bobby and Little Sally]
If only - !
[All (spoken)]

[Little Sally (spoken)]
And then... he expired