The Color Purple Broadway Cast
The Color Purple
[Shug] (spoken)
God ain't some gloomy old man like the pictures you've seen of him
God ain't a man at all

God is inside you and everyone else
That was or ever will be
We come into this world with God
But only them who look inside find Him

God is the flowers and everything else
That was or ever will be
And when you feel the truth so real
And when you love the way you feel, you found Him

Just as sure as moonlight blessed the night

Like a plate of corn, like a honeybee
Like a waterfall, all a part of me
Like the color purple, where do it come from?
Open up your eyes, look what God has done

[Celie] (spoken)
You better get back, your husband probably wonderin' where you are

[Shug] (spoken)
Where you wanna be, Celie?

[Celie] (spoken)
With you