The Color Purple Broadway Cast
Big Dog
[Mister] (spoken)
There's my field, there's my cattle, there's my men

He wants his ham hocks hot
And his lemonade cold
Don't want to hear no lip
Just do what you told

Pluck them chickens
Scrub them pots and pans
You gonna churn that b***er
'Til it cramp your hands

If you think hard work
Been doggin' you before
Get ready for the big dog

[Mister] (spoken)
This my house

Fix that (Work!)
Broken window 'fore the (Work!)
Rain come in
You got to (Work!)
Kill that rat with this here (Work!)
Rollin' pin
Mop this floor
Pick up all this mess

You know that cleanliness
Next to godliness

If you think hard work
Been doggin' you before
Get ready for the big dog!
Sweep this barn, milk that cow/Nettie go to the schoolhouse
Water from the well, fields to plow/Get her college degree
Brush my horse, feed that pig/Nettie teachin' her children
Tree to chop, ditch to dig/To spell Tennessee

Fetch them eggs, pitch that hay/Won't be time for a garden
Patch the fence so the billy don't stray/No birds gonna sing
Pull those turnips, hose those greens/Won't be time for my readin'
Feed the baby goats till the last one weans

Get ready for the big dog

[Mister] (spoken)
Harpo! I warned you about this
Get my belt, I'm gon' beat you clean to death

[Young Harpo] (spoken)
No! Pa!

[Mister] (spoken)
Come here!
When I lay me down to sleep
I will say my prayer

[Mister] (spoken)
You spill your food on the floor, you gonna eat it off the floor, you little pig

That God love me so deep
He will promise our souls to keep

[Mister] (spoken)
Bedroom's upstairs

I say a prayer

He like his bath real hot
Like it 'bout to boil
You got to rub his feet
With some liniment oil

Shave his whiskers
Hope it's understood
That you best not cut him
Or he beat you good

If you think hard work been doggin' you before
Get ready for the big dog