The Color Purple Broadway Cast
Shug Avery Comin’ to Town
Where my shirt?
Where my hat?
Where you put my braces at?

Fix my tie
Press my pants
Ugly men ain't got no chance

What is you fussing for, Mister
What you care about 'sides yourself

Celie head full o' rocks
There's holes in my Sunday socks

Shug Avery comin' to town

Lock up all your mens
And your young boys, too
She ain't got no friends
'Cept the ones she screw

[Ladies] (Mister)
Oh, Shug Avery comin' to town
Shug comin'! (Mmmm, gonna get me)
Shug comin'! (Some sugar tonight!)

Sharp as a tack
With your hair slicked back
Spit on your shoes, what you tryin' to do

That mister sho do shine
When Shug come cross that county line
Ain't no other woman like Shug
Like Shug
Oh lord, let me cross
Into her promised land

Drinking the gin
Loving all the men
Strumpet in a short skirt
Got no pride

Bumping in the shed
Bouncing in the bed

Don't you know it ain't no lie

[Ensemble & Mister]
Shug Avery comin' to town

Got about a million questions
Crawling around my head
What she wear
How her hair
Is she skinny
Is she stout
Must be something to fuss about

Shug Avery, (uh-huh) bring down this town

[Church Lady]
Fire and brimstone raining down
Oh, she coming, coming

Shug Avery heat up this town

[Church Lady]
She gonna turn into a pillar of salt
Oh yes she is

Shug Avery, she back in town

Ooh, that Shug
You know she no good
A snake in the woods
Gonna poison you

You don't understand
What it do to a man
When you in her hands
And she turn that screw

Better say farewell
'Cuz you're going to hell

But a man feel swell
When he in her spell

Better lock your doors

Better change your drawers

She's coming, coming, coming, coming
Shug Avery, she back in town