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"California girl"

Yeah, you know
Yeah, yeah, yeah( i think ,i think, shawty a bad b*t*h)

(verse 1)
We used to talk forever and it never ends(huh)
Showing endless emotions, i hope it doesn't end (huh)
Baby you a perfect ten
Come on, with me, fly to your state (huh)
I hope you don't forget about me like those other times
I wanna keep you warm, i wanna hold you tight, i don't want to let you go
Let me help you with the problems you facing
From getting touched and molested to having pent up frustration
Then the time comes up, your hearts crushed
Oh what (oh what) theres nothing you do so run up

(verse 2)
I want to help you out , i want to love you and
I wanna kiss you down, i wanna lift you up
So then i can eat you out, and let me please you huh
(uh) ( huh) (huh)
f**k with me, f**k whores, i wan't your touch, i won't run, i can't trust, i won't even love, but you managed to steal my heart love
(and you know)
I can't replace you from these b*t*hes that i talk to (uuh)
We something going on, i think i feel to hard for you
Face first
(huh) (huh) (huh)
Please don't tell me you where leading me on or what
Was it the game you was plain
Or was i simply insane
I can't even decide, to just let you go or keep you out of my mind
I wanna end this life and go (oh)
I just can't
I just can't
I just can't cause your my f**king angle with your ripped wing (x2)

I won't replace you, i won't repent you, i won't regret the things ive done (huh) (huh) (huh)
I won't replace you
(i saw you there)
I won't repent you, i will regret everything that ive done (yuh)
(i think i added you off a (?)
(but im not sure)

(A facetime call with someone)
You got this
Believe in yourself
Ok im going to mute my self

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