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Don Q

"Role Model"

[Intro: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Don Q]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, ohh
Nah, nah, nah, nah
Yeah, Don

[Verse 1: Don Q]
I came to make an example (make an example)
But I'm not a role model (I’m not a role model)
Watch where you facin' your cameras (facin')
You n*ggas got whole problems (n*ggas got whole problems)
Hiding my face through the skin
They tryna profile us (they tryna what?)
I can’t be givin' no answers
I know how to go 'bout it (I know how to go 'bout it)

[Verse 2: A Boogie Wit A Hoodie]
I cannot make an example
I'm not a ho model
I'm workin' on keepin' my pants up
I got a whole problem
And I just love stackin’ these bands up
I got a Zoe problem
And no I can’t give them no answers
No we don't know ’bout it
She do it without no hands, mmm
She do it so sloppy
b*tch when I say I'ma baller
I ain't a Globe Trotter (I ain't a Globe Trotter)
Hit up a n*gga from far, uhh
They don’t know who shot him
I push a button to start up
b*tch I'm a ghost rider (ghost rider)

[Verse 3: Don Q]
We come in bunches pullin' cars up
Watch all the hoes spot us
The body painted like a armored truck
And I keep the toes polished
Leavin' them starstruck
They actions is hard to control by us
Undercovers got they guards up
They wanna patrol by us
Pulling us over and breaking the engine
Lookin' for toasters, they prayin' it's in it (crackers)
Me, I'ma talk out my face, never hittin'
Luckily I found a way out the system (switch it up)
New crib, we got 3 stories
If I call your phone, let's have freak orgy
And I keep 40 when I meet shawty
'Cause the sneaky hoes tryna decoy me

[Verse 4: A Boogie Wit A Hoodie]
Had a sneaky b*tch try to decoy me
Thats a big 40 to your ass, yeah
I probably spent more money on jeans than you ever had, yeah
I stack my bread up and you spent your last, yeah
I hear voices talkin' to me
Like the n*gga with the hoodie, he the man, yeah
Don talkin' facts, Artist on the track
Zaytoven with the keys in his bag
ArtToven there's some mean into that
Art plus an oven, heat on the track
I was on the block everyday tryna stay away from the D`s in the spot
Enemies spinnin' blocks, they just tryna get even wit' us

[Verse 5: Don Q]
Heard the D's tryna rush
Bag full quarter key gettin' flushed
Sayin' he was missin', it was reinvention
I just had to clean off the rust
I ain't eat, no trippin'
I can hold my own
I ain't have to lean on a crutch (ain't have to lean)
n*ggas whole team lookin' sus (lookin' sus)
Mix a whole bean in the tuss, yeah
No need for the fuss
Old hoes tryna prank call me
1000 watts on my neck
I turn a night club to a day party

[Verse 6: A Boogie Wit A Hoodie]
No cap at all
n*ggas started movin' rock and put away the basketball
I don't act at all
12 years old runnin' from the cops
Thinkin' like "what am I robbing for?"
I be chillin' nowadays, only if it's necessary
We go boomy mode
My blood n*gga named super blood and my crip n*gga named [?]
QP ain't want me to get into none of that sh*t
But its something I had to do
If I got it on me and I see them n*ggas that killed Quado n*gga I-

[Outro: Don Q]
I'm not a, I'm not a role model
They askin' me questions, you know I don't know 'bout it, yeah
They sayin' there's pressure, we know how to go 'bout it
Send a caravan full of killers 'cause I make 'em unload out, b*tch

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