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Major Lazer

"All My Life"

Major Lazer, Burna Boy and Major Lazer
Major Lazer

[Verse 1]
How I me do
Pick up the package dawg
This a military ting like I come from Afghanistan
Dressed in camouflage
Before I turned 21 I was already savage dawg
I tell ya yeah, pull up in a foreign whip, foreign girl ah me passenger
Let 'em have it dawg
Call up my manager
They can pay for the damages

I hope you’re listening
Inna me yard and the gyal dem ah visiting
Snapchat dem ah video
I say which kind level be this o
My people work, so we get to chop
Many things they happen wey we never talk
Me I no dey talk cause you know say I be boss
I just want the weed and the girls of course
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