Major Lazer

"Send Me Your Nude"

CHORUS-Who run the world my nudes!

VERSE1-Oh don't be stingy with the pics boy
You've seen everything but my g-spot
Full frontal nude... Discarded the pink top

This acrylic nail is my only sex toy
You saw me moaning from your d**k but that was a ploy
Get on snapchat answer my call
Show me your stroke game play with ya balls

Do your homework on this pu**y
Make it purr do it right don't be a wussy
While i make a lake between my thighs
I can make you nut showing only my eyes

Twist around my rubix cube pu**y
Solve the puzzle make me c*m
You can show my nude to your friend but they're not the ones f**king... Me
Open up your mouth yum yum yum

HOOK-And idgaf if you exposе me
I know what to I'll be the nеxt Kim K

I'll be the main source of your pornagraphy
I'll put your nudes on my merch c*m scented perfume inspired by you bae
My nudes will run the world!
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