Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
The Plane (So High)
So high,so high(on the plane) (x16)

Walkin' on the plane I see so many faces
Some from out of town and distant places
There could never be a question of who knows who
And no tellin' what most of them have been through
True you can't judge a book by its cover
And if I'm in love does that make me a lover
And if you see a wrinkle does it mean I'm old
And am I wrong for saying what I want in a song
Questions like these my mind it teases
Or I could act like a soldier and just at ease
And don't think about it
And don't worry about it
And keep my head up high and don't ask why
And think about the graduation at Hawai Kai
When we felt good about what we did
And didn't do the thought about me and you
I left it up to you
All up to you

But you felt that your heart would melt
And got scared and fastened up your seat belt
Because the plane was going so high in the sky
And I didn't know that you were scared to fly
But you told me
By showin me in a way I can't say cause it's hard to describe
And left me feeling the funniest vibes
Of unsureness
Amid insecure confusion

Too good to be true a dramatic illusion
As you sit in seat A and I sit in seat B
I want the whole world to see what you mean to me
If love was able to speak mine would talk so loud
Me and you all alonemaking love on a cloud
An uncontrollable urge

That's why I'm on the verge
Wondering of actions speak louder than words(sounds of gunfire)
And as we become one we feel no pain
Our bodies so wet that we make rain
It's like a mystery for the world to see
But only me and you knew our destiny
You might think I'm crazy or just too deep
Or too far or too gone or too wide or too steep
Whatever you may feel about me inside
Sit back,relax and enjoy the ride
On the plane
So high,so high(on the plane) (x10)