Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
Every Body Got to Get Some
It's about time for us to start kicking off this fly SHHH...
Everybody (Get Fresh Crew) Got 2 get some (Say what?) (scratch)
Comin' in the place and clearin' up the smoke
It's the Get Fresh Crew and we ain't no joke y'all
Laugh or riddle and not by a little
Chance you can dance
'Cause you rather not sit until
And not even work up a sweat
Besides we're in the house but not on yet
So relax and Max and get a girl and wax
And if she's frontin' there's plenty in the house to ask
'Cause I be livin' like every day's Thanksgiving
Don't like Andy Griffith and can't stand sniffin'
Nothin' up my nose except clean air
Or the Polo Cologne that Get Fresh wear so... so... so... so...
Everybody (Get Fresh Crew) Got 2 get some (Say what?) (scratch)
Now you could look at each rhyme as a small editorial
Or better yet a sort of memorial
Sayin' goodbye to nonsense lyrics
Seems like a gift from a friend or a miracle
Responsible for you on the floor
You didn't know who it was, now you know for sure
An, an, an further more
I'm not a trend follower, Def rhyme swallower
Bitin' lyrics 'cause I wanna get popular... Got 2 get some
Trend setter, get up and go getter
An MC mention my name he know better
To disrespect my intellect
While I call checkmate, he call check
Bitin' his nails like a nervous wreck
Hearin' record after record at the Discoteque
Rhyme on time as the climax climb
Now you think I'm all geesed 'cause I'm bitter as a lime
And I'm not here to represent
All rappers rap intelligent
But each rhyme being stated is well past decent
Some of them are old and some are quite recent
Most of them licensed by the police precinct
Quite frequent
Everybody (Get Fresh Crew) Got 2 get some (Say what?) (scratch)
Cut professor, casual dresser, body inspector, girl selector
Call him the creator or Barry Bee
And he's the master of scratch philosophy now
Cuttin' it up with a flick of the wrist
Bar' do it something like this, come on...
Cut Mix Maestro
Cuts are nitro
Glific teriffic I'll be specific
The words I say shows much significance
And for instance
If you take the time to figure out this rhyme
You know it makes since
Get busy...
I'm an articulate brother that's hard to describe
Living the laws and I'm from the Twelfth Tribe
Eat real well and I dare not Gel
And clientele don't make me swell
New York City is where I live
And up lift the spirit is what I give
Word to Big Bird I ain't so Saint
But our show is so "Dope" that you're bound to faint
And if not you're gonna leave exhausted
Saying to yourself that Doug ain't lost it
Rockin' all night with the real number one
And "THE SHOW" is so hot you could call me Sun
And I just begun...
Everybody (Get Fresh Crew) Got 2 get some (Say what?) (scratch)